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 +====== xREDIRECT ======
 +xREDIRECT is an [[https://​|AMX Mod X]] plug-in that can redirect players between game servers based on the Half-Life engine. Redirections can be manually triggered by players or administrators as well as automatically executed.
 +A list of servers running this plug-in can be found here.
 +===== Features =====
 +==== Ingame menu for manual redirection ====
 +  * Players can choose a server from an ingame menu
 +  * Players can enqueue themselves for a server if it is currently full, they will be automatically redirected as soon as a slot is free on the target server
 +  * The menu supports paging and displays 8 servers per page
 +  * Players can see the status of any server (map and active/max players) directly in the menu
 +  * The server list can be filtered and grouped by server categories (v2.0 or higher)
 +==== Automatic redirection ====
 +  * When the server is full it redirects the joining player to another server
 +  * Players are only redirected to servers that currently have a free slot for them
 +  * Users on the local network can be prioritized,​ xREDIRECT will send another player away when a local user demands a slot
 +  * Admins can be prioritized,​ xREDIRECT will send another player away when an admin demands a slot
 +==== Status announcements ====
 +  * The list of servers with their respective status (map, active/max players) can be shown regularly to all players
 +  * 10 servers are shown at once, xREDIRECT cycles through the pages when more servers are used
 +==== Server list ====
 +  * The server list is loaded at startup and contains all servers the menu and announcements should show
 +  * The server list file is a file in an INI like format
 +  * Alternatively the server list can be read from a MySQL database (v2.0 or higher)
 +  * The server list (file or SQL) can be dynamically (re)loaded while the game server is running
 +==== Many more features ====
 +===== Resources =====
 +  * Subversion: (no anonymous access)
 +  * Bug tracker: [[https://​​changelog_page.php?​project_id=12|Changelog]] | [[https://​​roadmap_page.php?​project_id=12|Roadmap]]
 +  * Documentation:​ [[https://​​wakka.php?​wakka=xREDIRECT|X-Base Wiki]]
 +  * Forums: [[https://​​forumdisplay.php?​f=128|AlliedModders Sub-Forum]]
 +===== Download =====
 +xREDIRECT source and compiled plugin can be downloaded from the first post of the official xREDIRECT thread:
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