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   * Bug tracker: [[https://​​changelog_page.php?​project_id=28|Changelog]] | [[https://​​roadmap_page.php?​project_id=28|Roadmap]]   * Bug tracker: [[https://​​changelog_page.php?​project_id=28|Changelog]] | [[https://​​roadmap_page.php?​project_id=28|Roadmap]]
   * Documentation:​ [[https://​​xVarConfig|X-Base Wiki]]   * Documentation:​ [[https://​​xVarConfig|X-Base Wiki]]
 +===== Download =====
 +[[http://​​xVarConfig/​stable/​|Download xVarConfig]]
 +Note: whether you use the stable or beta version, once installed, xVarConfig will automatically update itself, always getting you the newest version.
 +==== Beta version ====
 +Beta versions are not fully tested to be stable while on the other hand they might contain features or bug fixes the stable version doesn'​t have yet. Use this if you want to help testing or if you are interested in new feature/bug fixes.
 +[[http://​​xVarConfig/​beta/​|Download xVarConfig Beta]]
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