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xVarConfig - easy config variable setup

xVarConfig is a tool that is intended to make game server CVAR configuration easy by providing server admins a graphical interface for that task. As the syntax for config files can be defined per xVarConfig profile it can also be used for completely different configuration file types. Only the available configuration options are shown to choose from, along with a description and optionally a screenshot to explain what the setting does.

xVarConfig and the related tools are freeware. That means they can be used free of charge. Also it is not planned to ever change this.

Using xVarConfig

If you are a server admin and want to use xVarConfig to configure a specific plug-in or type of settings you were provided an .xconf file for then you need to do two things:

  1. Download and install xVarConfig
  2. Open an xVarConfig settings profile file (file extension .xconf) from your local hard disk or an URL using your browser

If you are a plug-in author or otherwise interested in creating an xVarConfig settings profile you will need the author tool xVarConfigAuthor.

For more information visit the Wiki page for xVarConfig.

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