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xLoadCountdown - countdown until map load

Depending on the used mod a Half-Life server will end the current map and wait some time until it starts loading the next map. Usually players can view the scoreboard while this time. The time period a server waits is configurable and can be different on every server while players have no way of knowing when the loading of the next map will finally start. xLoadCountdown is an AMX Mod X plugin that closes this gap by showing a countdown during this time period until the map loading will start.


left: next map unknown | right: next map known


  • xLoadCountdown has 2 ways of announcing the countdown which can be turned on or off separately
    • Text with the remaining seconds and the next map can be printed to chat area every second
    • The remaining seconds can be spoken every second by the ingame voice engine
  • Some other plugins might alter the internal time period setting at run time - an admin can set a positive or negative offset to the countdown detected by xLoadCountdown to compensate for this



xLoadCountdown source and compiled plugin can be downloaded from the first post of the official xLoadCountdown thread:


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