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The X-Base

The X-Base is a collaboration of work made by xOR and Der_Herr. The X has become kind of a corporate identity for these projects (usually programming related stuff) as for the names and logos of these products. It either precedes the project name or is contained in it.

Being the base

Being a base the X-Base is the starting point to get some information about each project or to find links to related resources. It is not intended to give in-depth information about each project but a first overview and the right links to find detailed information.

Shared Resources

All projects more or less share the same resources. Their respective pages here will directly link to their area within these resources, this page will only give an overview.


The subversion repositories for each project are at Usually they don't allow anonymous access, you need to get an account from xOR to access them.


The forums can be found at, each project has its own sub forum there.


The X-Base Wiki can be found at Each project has its own area there.

Bug tracker

X-Base projects are using Mantis as bug tracker. It can be found at

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