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xREDIRECT is an AMX Mod X plug-in that can redirect players between game servers based on the Half-Life engine. Redirections can be manually triggered by players or administrators as well as automatically executed. A list of servers running this plug-in can be found here.


Ingame menu for manual redirection

  • Players can choose a server from an ingame menu
  • Players can enqueue themselves for a server if it is currently full, they will be automatically redirected as soon as a slot is free on the target server
  • The menu supports paging and displays 8 servers per page
  • Players can see the status of any server (map and active/max players) directly in the menu
  • The server list can be filtered and grouped by server categories (v2.0 or higher)

Automatic redirection

  • When the server is full it redirects the joining player to another server
  • Players are only redirected to servers that currently have a free slot for them
  • Users on the local network can be prioritized, xREDIRECT will send another player away when a local user demands a slot
  • Admins can be prioritized, xREDIRECT will send another player away when an admin demands a slot

Status announcements

  • The list of servers with their respective status (map, active/max players) can be shown regularly to all players
  • 10 servers are shown at once, xREDIRECT cycles through the pages when more servers are used

Server list

  • The server list is loaded at startup and contains all servers the menu and announcements should show
  • The server list file is a file in an INI like format
  • Alternatively the server list can be read from a MySQL database (v2.0 or higher)
  • The server list (file or SQL) can be dynamically (re)loaded while the game server is running

Many more features



xREDIRECT source and compiled plugin can be downloaded from the first post of the official xREDIRECT thread:


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