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OLaunch is a launcher for the game OpenTTD. It can show the master server list with additional information such as server location (country) for each server. Furthermore it can show community information for a server as well as the current goal status if the server supports it. A double click on a server starts OpenTTD and makes it join this server.

Currently it's being developed and tested on Windows (.NET Framework) only, however, it should theoretically be possible to run it on Linux or Mac using the Mono Framework. In a later stage extra efforts will be made to make sure this is also true in reality.



OLaunch is free and open source under the GPL v3.0. The source code can be accessed from our subversion repository with anonymous access, see the Resources section below. Anonymous access is read-only, contact xOR if you want to participate in the project and get write access.


  • Geo location: server list shows country location for each server
  • IPv6 support: OLaunch can show IPv6 servers from the master list, retrieve their details and make OpenTTD join them
  • Community information: OLaunch can show extra community information about each server, which can be edited by the server admins (see section OLaunch Web Panel for details)
  • Goal information: if the server supports it OLaunch can show information about the current goal status

OLaunch Web Panel

The web panel is where community owners/server administrators can add or modify community information that will be shown in OLaunch when users select their servers. OLaunch can show a banner as well as links to the community forum, home page and server rules. It was written and is maintained by AcidWeb and the source code is available on GitHub (see section Resources). You can access the web panel at the following link:

OLaunch Web Panel




Download the installer from the link above and execute the downloaded file. It will install OLaunch in your program files directory in a new sub folder “OLaunch”. Currently it doesn't create shortcuts in start menu or elsewhere. So either start OLaunch manually from the program files folder (OLaunch.exe) or create a shortcut yourself (drag to new location - e.g. your desktop - with right mouse button and choose “Create shortcut”). Please note that OLaunch is still in alpha stage, so support can be given, all risks regarding use of the software are on your side.

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